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An international consulting company with Headquarters in the US and a subsidiary in Paris. SCM supports clients committed to the creation of Low Earth Orbit as an outsourced marketplace for superior R&D, testing, and manufacturing for the terrestrial industry.

"Our IP includes more than 200 unique applications across 16 terrestrial industries enabled by space- based phenomena. These unique applications have Total Addressable Market Values of more than $850B


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Our Clients

These are some of our current and past clients

Our Clients

These are some of our current and past clients

About Us

Collectively SCM brings over 30 years of experience to the commercialization of space and is focused on helping public and
private clients to innovate, commercialize and capitalize on their activities in LEO and beyond. Led by Cynthia Bouthot, a
pioneer in LEO Demand Creation and a thought leader in the creation of a scalable LEO marketplace. Cynthia founded SCM to
finally realize the promise of connecting terrestrial markets to space supply. Cynthia was a founding member of CASIS at the ISS
National Lab, where she established and developed the demand model for private sector entities, focused on utilization and
value creation.

For the past five years, SCM has been engaged with many Space Agencies, CLDs, New Transportation providers, and implementation partners. During that time we developed a deep knowledge of both the supply and demand sides and how to create value propositions.

Founder and CEO

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Relevant articles for the commercialization of space, including market trends, analysis, and opinion pieces by our SCM Team.

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Cynthia Bouthot

Founder and CEO

Cynthia Bouthot is a pioneer in low earth orbit demand creation and a thought leader in the creation of a scalable LEO marketplace. Cynthia founded SCM to finally realize the promise of connecting terrestrial markets to in-space supply. Cynthia and her SCM team have demonstrated that the demand side of space has a total addressable market value of $885b and now work with many different organizations to tap into this massive potential.

Cynthia was a founding member of CASIS, the manager of the international space station national lab (ISSNL) where she established and developed the demand model for private sector entities, focused on utilization and value creation, which ultimately led to more than half of the research on board the ISSNL being conducted by commercial businesses. Many of these were iconic fortune 500 companies that have generated over $160m in direct funding, and an additional $34m of third party-funded sponsored programs.

Cynthia spent nine years working in innovation and new market creation throughout Europe and led innovation and R&D for the whole of the UK and US, with a special focus on space and life sciences. Cynthia has broad experience in both the public and private sectors. She directed management systems for the ma port authority and headed up the states trade office in London. While in the private sector, Cynthia spent a large part of her career leading change initiatives and implementing challenging technology programs. Cynthia was global lead of business readiness for EMC’s ERP implementation, and as director of industry consulting at benchmarking partners, she worked with a range of public and private clients on technology change initiatives.

Cynthia regularly speaks to audiences and moderates panels on innovation, commercialization, and entrepreneurship. She has many professional affiliations including being on the board of directors for both mass challenge and mass ventures - an appointment from Massachusetts governor Charlie Baker. Cynthia began her career with Honeywell bull in finance and auditing. She holds a b. S. (magna cum laude) from Boston College’s Carroll School of Management with a major in Finance and a master’s degree in International Economics and Finance from Brandeis University.

Jose color

Jose Salgado

Chief Marketing Officer

As CMO, Jose is responsible for the overall growth strategy and Business Development. He is also directing the execution of an outreach strategy that aims to connect terrestrial demand with space-enabled services. Jose is a marketing and networking relationship specialist focused on creating innovate techniques to connect tech-supply with terrestrial-demand. He was previously founder of the Canadian Chamber in Italy, and he is an opinion columnist for Business Insider Mexico where he writes about the space markets. Jose has an accounting degree and speaks English, Spanish, Italian and French

Rachel Clements-min (3)

Rachel Clements PH.D

Portfolio Project Director

Rachel Clemens is an SCM Senior Science Advisor and Portfolio Director with a focus on directing project deliverables for SCM clients. Rachel has focused her career on advancing product development through access to space. Previously, Rachel was Business Development Manager at Axiom Space, where she worked with F500 companies and start-ups to develop mutually beneficial research and development programs in low Earth orbit. Rachel was a Commercial Innovation Manager at the ISS National Lab and a Scientist at NASA Ames Research Center. She is eager to use her extensive space experience to entertain novel ideas and find new solutions to Earth-bound problems.

tanya kanigan

Tanya Kanigan PH.D

Senior Science Advisor

Tanya Kanigan is a Senior Advisor at SCM focused on helping clients link terrestrial applications to space-based opportunity. She is an expert at novel products and technology and has conducted extensive analysis on instrumentation and analytical tools necessary to support space-based facilities. Tanya is an NIH SBIR study section grant reviewer. Her previous experience includes Chief Analytics Officer for Genomic Expressions and Principal Scientist and COO at Biocogniv. Dr. Kanigan conducted postdoctoral research in bioinstrumentation at MIT, received her PhD in Physical Chemistry at McGill University and her BSc in Chemistry, Physics at Carleton University.


Dewayne Cecil PH.D

Senior Science Advisor

DeWayne Cecil is an expert at space and earth science and uses his vast experience to create strategies for new entrants in the marketplace. Prior to this Dr. Cecil earned his PhD. in Earth Science in 2000, then went on to serve as Chief Scientist of the Applied Sciences Program at NASA Headquarters and as Senior Science Advisor at NASA Langley's Systems Engineering Office, as the Lead Applications Scientist at the USGS's Global Change Research Program, and as the first-ever Western Region Climate Services Director at NOAA's National Centres for Environmental Information (NCEI). He has over 80 professional science publications including journal articles, books, and book chapters.

Laura (1)

Laura González

Terrestrial Markets and Networks Lead

Laura Gonzalez Llamazares uses her aerospace engineering background and her deep passion for space to positively impact our planet. In her role as the Terrestrial Markets and Networks Lead at SCM, Laura supports non-space organizations in discovering and harnessing the advantages of the space environment for their specific applications. Laura is focused on building the demand marketplace as part of SCM’s Outsource2Space offering and supports SCM clients with development of terrestrial customers. Laura's insatiable curiosity and belief in the power of collaboration drive her passion to explore the convergence of diverse industries as a catalyst for true innovation. She envisions a future where the synergies between space and other sectors are fully harnessed, leading to unprecedented developments and transformative impacts on a global scale.

Laura co-founded Radian Systems with the aim of simplifying thermal analysis for space missions. Additionally, she serves as the Space Manufacturing Lead at Satellite Applications Catapult, where she provides support to UK-based space organizations in developing their technologies through advanced manufacturing techniques. With a rich background in space missions, Laura has served as a systems engineer and contributed to assembly, integration, and testing (AIT) activities at the Spanish equivalent of a space agency, INTA. She has accumulated a decade of experience in additive manufacturing, ranging from building her own FDM 3D printer to leading the development of metal powder bed fusion capabilities for manufacturing rocket engines used in space propulsion.

Passionate about sharing knowledge and inspiring others, Laura actively engages in public speaking and serves as a STEM ambassador. She is also a dedicated volunteer at SGAC, a global non-governmental organization that supports the United Nations programme on space applications. Laura holds a B.A. in Aerospace Engineering from the University of León (Spain), with a year of study at the University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia. She holds a M. S. in Aerospace Engineering from the University Carlos III of Madrid, and she has further enriched her expertise through an Executive MBA from EAE Business School.

Abe (1)

Abraham Jaet

Business Development

Abe received his BS degree in Aerospace Engineering at the University of Colorado Boulder with a minor in Economics. His background includes working at the Nuclear Physics Laboratory where, in conjunction with NASA, he modeled plasma expansion by dust impacts in space as well as the resulting antenna signal.